Hey look! I’ve got a body. And if you’re reading this so do you! I use my body 24 /7 as a mom. In the mornings I use my body as a Pilates instructor. This blog is about the in between times when I use my body for what I think is it’s higher purpose, to self heal and contribute to the advancement of all humanity. It’s a slow process and this is my space for recording and reflecting on that process. Thank you for joining me here.

Here are the topics that I think are relevant to that process:  All things health related. All intersections of culture and our bodies (food, healing and self care practices, relationships, education, living with and caring for children, are a few examples)

Oh and another thing, I love to make things.  All sorts of things.  From time to time there may very well be some documenting of what I think are crafty ideas here too.

Due to the highly personal content of this blog, I write under a pen name.


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